Shakespeare is a White Supremacist Play Review


Written by Kerren Dieuveille

Before I begin this article I would like to start by telling a bit about myself. I am an African-American young adult woman with Caribbean roots. This play that I will be reviewing focuses on topics of race, sexuality, and age in a market where not fitting a particular role is a detriment to your livelihood. I wish to handle the topics presented with the seriousness with which it was presented to me. To do so I feel it is important for readers to know through what lens I saw the play.


Snapshot: Interview with Dr. John Sinclair of The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park, Florida


Written by Kerren Dieuveille

Welcome to Culture Shock SnapShot! A new series on the blog of short form articles for viewers to catch up on the Florida visual and performing arts scene with ease. Our inaugural piece is an interview with Dr. John Sinclair, conductor and artistic director of the Bach Festival Society.