Culture Shock Snapshot: An Interview with Paul Bazile, Library Director of the North Miami Public Library


Written by Kerren Dieuveille


Last week was National Library Week! According to the American Library Association, National Library Week is an annual celebration highlighting the valuable role libraries, librarians, and library workers play in transforming lives and strengthening our communities. To honor this celebration, I sat down with Paul Bazile, Library Director of the North Miami Public Library, to discuss his career path, the library’s physical and digital resources, and the history of the North Miami Public Library.


Culture Shock Snapshot: Interview with Jamey Ray, The Founder and Creative Force Behind Voctave


Written by Kerren Dieuveille


Welcome back to Culture Shock's SnapShots! A series of short form articles for viewers to catch up on the visual and performing arts scene in Florida. To announce the return of this series we wanted to feature a piece written by our former Councilor and current Marketing Apprentice, Kerren Dieuveille. First up, we have an interview with Jamey Ray, the founder and creative force behind Voctave.


Florida Grand Opera: An Introduction to Florida’s Oldest Performing Arts Organization


Written by Jessica Finol & Soumia Hammi


Holding the title of the oldest performing arts organization in Florida, the Florida Grand Opera was formed in June 1994 by a merger of the Greater Miami Opera, founded in 1941, and The Opera Guild Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, founded in 1945. FGO will celebrate its 82nd season in 2023-24.