The Tiger and the Brahmin - A Tale From India Presented by Momentum Dance Company

The Tiger and the Brahmin – This popular fable from India tells the story of a trusting Brahmin who finds his kindness to a Tiger betrayed when the Tiger wants to eat him! The Brahmin seeks help from the Elephant and the Water Buffalo, but the clever Jackal outwits the Tiger and saves the Brahmin. This production features authentic Indian classical dance as well as traditional mudras (hand gestures from Indian classical dance that tell the story) and beautiful colorful costumes from India! Best for grades Pre-K – 4. Music on CD. 30 minutes in length.

Miami Dances Presented by Fantasy Theatre Factory

MIAMI DANCES returns for the second year, to culminate the South Florida dance season with a celebratory finale of family-friendly, multi-genre and multi-cultural dance. The two performances include top SoFlo professional organizations and artists of various genres - from classical ballet to flamenco and everything in between. Come into a world of excitement, inspiration, skill and passion. The world of dance! When: Friday May 10 at 7:00pm Saturday May 11 at 7:00pm Running time is 2 hours (including post performance discussion) Where: Sandrell Rivers Theater 6103 NW 7th Ave Miami, FL 33127 Tickets: $15

“Un Poyo Rojo” – Out In The Tropics Presented by FUNDarte and MDCA

Out In The Tropics is a yearly international performing arts series featuring daring and innovative artists that address issues of Gender Politics, Sexuality, and LGBTQIA+ identity. In an empty locker room, two men play with movement, an analogue radio and tiny shorts. In “Un Poyo Rojo,” athletic bodies of Luciano Rosso and Alfonso Barón move fluently from wrestling to dance, acrobatics to physical comedy in an irresistible distortion of the expectations of manhood. A funny, raw, playful hour interspersed with competitiveness and camaraderie, as well as seduction and sabotage, showcases the best Argentinian contemporary dance.

Paula Rodriguez Flamenco Company "El latir del mantón" Presented by CCEMiami

Centro Cultrual Español & Miami-Dade County Auditorium present FlamenGO 2024 with Paula Rodriguez Flamenco Company. The dancer will perform for the first time in Miami with her show El latir del mantón. "El latir del Mantón" is a show where singing, guitar, and percussion accompany the dancer on a sensory journey that only flamenco can create, to turn this show into an hour of magic and genuinely Spanish art. The dancer who won the first prize in the modality of “Desplante” in the International Flamenco Festival of Cante de las Minas is accompanied on Stage by the outstanding flamenco singer José del Calli, also winner in 2022 of the first prize of “Seguirillas” in the prestigious festival.

“Cloud10” by Brigid Baker Wholeproject Presented by MDCA

Weather: Cool and clear. brigid baker wholeproject presents "Cloud10," a sequel tribute to those beings whose soul work leaks light - no matter what - illuminating the way. This performance features dancers Isaiah Gonzalez, Amy Trieger, and Meredith Barton. Sound and video projection by Justin Trieger, lighting by Quanikqua Bryant, and music by Simeon ten Holt and Hania Rani

Cuadro Flamenco Presented by Ballet Flamenco La Rosa

Cuadro Flamenco will delight with pure Flamenco music and dance, in a range of rhythms and styles that will take you through dramatic, soulful, joyous, sensual and passionate moods with powerful vocals, electrifying footwork, and all of the grace and beauty that has made Flamenco an inspiration to writers, poets musicians, composers, choreographers, painters and sculptors for centuries. The excitement and power that is authentic Flamenco will have the audience also screaming “ole” and clapping with the rhythms.

Siudy Flamenco Amor Brujo Presented by Adrienne Arsht Center

A collaboration between Siudy Garrido Flamenco Company and the South Florida Symphony Orchestra, Amor Brujo is a captivating dance-theater production directed by Siudy Garrido and conducted by Sebrina Maria Alfonso. The show seamlessly blends the mesmerizing world of flamenco with a timeless masterpiece by Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, bringing to life a passionate narrative. The story follows Candela, a grieving widow, as she navigates the presence of her husband’s ghost and discovers new love in Carmelo. Conceived in 1915, de Falla’s one-act ballet El Amor Brujo (Love, the Magician) is based on songs and folktales Spanish dancer Pastora Imperio and her mother had shared with de Falla and folktales. El Amor Brujo was cast as a Gitanería (Gypsy entertainment), with songs, dances and spoken dialogue. Garrido’s 2024 production is a restaging of acclaimed performances, including the 2015 premiere with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, a sold-out 2018 performance with the South Florida Symphony Orchestra and a spellbinding 2019 rendition at the Hollywood Bowl. The first act will premiere symphonic compositions by Jose Luis de la Paz and Juan Parrilla, setting the mood for Falla’s masterpiece. Garrido’s Amor Brujo promises an immersive celebration of rhythm, passion and the universal language of music and dance. Witness the magic of flamenco and symphonic music uniting in harmony, transcending cultural boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the soul. South Florida Symphony Orchestra Conductor: Sebrina Maria Alfonso Siudy Flamenco Dance Theater Director and choreographer: Siudy Garrido CAST Candela: Siudy Garrido (lead dancer) Candela’s Soul: Argentina Lopez (mezzo-soprano) Ghost: George Akram Carmelo: Jose Manuel Alvarez Lucía: Analí Alcantara CORPS DE BALLET: Daniela Rosi Anabela Amanau Isabela Calicchio Maria Andrea Larrea Claudia Gonzalez

Flamenco Festival Miami XV: Ballet Nacional de España Presented by Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County

For 45 years, Ballet Nacional de España (BNE) has been bringing the history of Spanish dance to life while remaining true to the nation’s spirit of innovation and artistry. The company’s repertoire includes classic 20th century works as well as bold new choreographies such as Invocación, a program created by BNE director Rubén Olmo that salutes past masters of the castanet-driven style known as Escuela Bolera. The company will perform Invocación and several other original works that combine flamenco, ballet and stylized dance during its Flamenco Festival appearance. This year’s festival celebrates the legacy of Paco de Lucia.