Program I "Clara" and Opus Ballet Presented by Dance NOW! Miami

Program I "Clara" and Opus Ballet Presented by Dance NOW! Miami

Dance NOW! Miami presents Clara, a reimagining of The Nutcracker that charts the journey of a young woman, exploring and experiencing the exotic, the unknown and the forbidden, in search of love, identity and self-determination. 

Compagnia Opus Ballet will perform an excerpt from The Four Seasons, an homage to the Renaissance, and the iconic Vivaldi music and Ototeman. Their performance will include light, playful work with a popular music score. 

Lastly, the evening includes And First They Slaughtered the Angels, a 1974 work from Daniel Lewis, former Limón Dance Company Artistic Director and the Founding Dean of the Dance Department at the New World School of the Arts. This social satire includes music by Johann Pachelbel, Hector Berlioz, and Otto Luening, and characters from Hells Angels bikers to actual heavenly angels.
This performance includes some profanity, adult themes and content, and is not recommended for children under 13.


Teens and young adults ages 13-22 can buy tickets for $5 using the Get Tickets button below. With the purchase of one $5 ticket for someone within the age range, a second $5 ticket can be purchased for an individual of any age to join them.

Regular priced tickets for all other ages available through the venue's website.