Herencia Cubana IV: Cuban Composers XIX Century by FCO

Herencia Cubana IV: Cuban Composers XIX Century by FCO

Jose White, Ignacio Cervantes, Ernesto Lecuona, Jose Manuel (Lico) Jimenez and Eduardo Sanchez de Fuente.

As a part of the Cuban Heritage concert series the Florida Chamber Orchestra and its conductor, Maestro Marlene Urbay, will present a highlights of important composers of the 19th century with special attention to the music of Lico Jimenez.

Cuban musicologist, Isidro Betancourt, has been researching and working for years to rescue the music of Lico Jimenez, whose career is unknown inside Cuba.
Maestro Urbay has joined the project to rescue Jimenez's music, presenting to the world another Cuban composer who shaped the greatness of Cuban music of the 19th century.

This research work ended with the premier of a CD with his unpublished music which is part of the program of this concert and will be available at the concert.

-Isidro Betancourt, Musicologist
-Gabriel Urgell, Pianist
-Teresa Novoa, Soprano
-Ioana Perez, Violin
-Jessica Sanchez, Pianis
Age Appropriateness: All Ages
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