FilmGate Interactive #09: Plastisapiens Installation at The Frost Science Museum

FilmGate Interactive #09: Plastisapiens Installation at The Frost Science Museum

As a part of FilmGate Interactive #9, Plastisapiens is one of three installations that will be free and open to the public at the Frost Science Museum.

PLASTISAPIENS is a surrealist work of eco-fiction, an invitation to explore human influence on the environment, and inversely, an exploration of how the environment affects human evolution. The speculative, playful, and ironic VR experience imagines a future where plastic and organic life merge to create a new life form. Viewers will journey back into prehistory to discover that they share the same origins as plastic until they finally mutate into Plastisapiens and discover the Plastosphere.


The FilmGate Interactive Festival, a one-of-a-kind international festival, taking place in person and virtually in Downtown Miami and Miami Beach, is designed to highlight and showcase how emerging tech empowers new ways of artistic and media expression. Over the course of four days, Friday through Monday, Dec. 2-5, 2022, creators, producers, tech companies and curious audiences will have access to over 30 interactive experiences, 15 labs and talks, interactive exhibits, 4 dome experiences on opening night, a financing market, b2b meetings, music, live events, and a sunset cruise closing ceremony, accessible to all ages. Our talks include speakers from Microsoft, Apple, Snap, Atlas V, Vaudeville Sound, Meta, and so on. Locations include The Frost Science Museum, The SouthEast Financial Center, O-Cinema South Beach, and more! Tickets are available for opening and closing night, general admission, and all access VIP at the link below.

Age Appropriateness: Appropriate for all ages


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Exhibition begins on the 28th of November and lasts through the 5th of December. Visit link below to learn more information.