"Domingos De Vermut Y Potaje" By Maui Presented By FUNDarte

"Domingos De Vermut Y Potaje" By Maui Presented By FUNDarte

"Es la hora del Vermut" ("It's vermouth time") is an elegant expression and an excellent excuse to provoke a meeting, an inspiration, laughs and easiness, and an unparalleled "whet your appetite." There is no more sublime moment than tasting the bittersweetness of this elixir. Dalí, Oprah Winfrey, Frank Sinatra, or your grandfather knew it well. And there is right vermouth without its subsequent aperitif... Lighting stoves, turning off stress, apron on, tools prepared, ladle at hand... Let the ceremony begin!
Age Appropriateness: All Ages

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Teens and young adults ages 13-22 can buy tickets for $5 using the Get Tickets button below. With the purchase of one $5 ticket for someone within the age range, a second $5 ticket can be purchased for an individual of any age to join them.

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