27th Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival - The Payback

27th Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival - The Payback

Comedy | 88 min | HD | 2023

The story of the housekeepers Tonha and Zildete, who have worked for Afonso and Sarita for years. Employers who do not show love for their children or workers until unusual and extreme situations make everyone rethink how they live. A critical comedy that shows that love and dignity are worth more than any other kind of power.

Cast & Credits
Producer: Diane Maia
Director: Mauricio Eça
Screenplay: Juliana Araripe, Otávio Martins, Marcio Castro
Cinematography: Fabricio Tadeu
Cast: Marcos Veras, Evelyn Castro, Miá Mello, Nany People, Edmilson Filho, Giovanna Grigio, Nicholas Torres
Age Appropriateness: PG-13

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