Music, Magic and the Muse... featuring David Blaine and Sophie Auster


Music, Magic and the Muse... featuring David Blaine and Sophie Auster

Books & Books on campus at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County is proud to present MUSIC, MAGIC & THE MUSE: AN EVENING WITH PAUL AUSTER: FAMILY & FRIENDS as part of its homegrown, unique partnership with the Arsht Center that brings locally-produced, original programming to Miami through the matching and pairing of unique authors and elements. 

Paul Benjamin Auster has been turning readers’ heads for three decades, bending the conventions of storytelling, blurring the line between fiction and autobiography, infusing novels with literary and cinematic allusions, and calling attention to the art of storytelling itself, not with cool, intellectual remove, but rather with wonder, gratitude, daring and sly humor. He now presents his most capacious, demanding, eventful, suspenseful, erotic, structurally audacious, funny and soulful novel to date. Told in alternating chapters, 4, 3, 2, 1 is the story of Archibald Ferguson and four variations on a character’s life. The novel establishes a quadrophonic rhythm, a grand experiment, not only in storytelling, but also in the perpetual dance between inheritance and free will, intention and chance, dreams and fate. 

Sharing the stage with Paul this evening is his daughter, Sophie Auster, a singer-songwriter and actress. Sophie’s latest full-length album, Dogs and Men, has been praised by The New York Times for its “sultry, folksy vocals” and W magazine calls it “soaring”. 

Then, a very special treat: One of the world’s foremost magicians, David Blaine will grace us with a magic performance created in Paul’s honor. Blaine has long been drawn to the elements of fantasy, illusion the nature of identity, fate and chance that are present in Paul’s work. The New York Times noted that Blaine has “taken a craft that’s been around for hundred of years and done something unique and fresh with it,” whilst The New Yorker claimed “he saved magic.” Tonight’s performance is especially unique, as you will see (or not?) Blaine in a more literary light, playing with the themes and narrative that emerge from Paul’s novel.