Bridges NOT Walls/Puentes NO Muros Presented by Dance Now Miami


Bridges NOT Walls/Puentes NO Muros Presented by Dance Now Miami

Bridges are both symbols of cooperation and communication, as well as a real means of allowing people to move from one place to another, across a divide. When the world-class Mexico City Ballet/Compañia de Danza Clásica Quintana Roo travels to Florida to share the stage with the region’s leading contemporary dance company, Dance NOW! Miami, both meanings of the word will be invoked.

On Saturday, May 19, at Miami Beach’s Colony Theatre, the Mexican dancers will present the world premiere of their Puentes NO Muros, paired on the same program with an updating of the Miami company’s Bridges NOT Walls.

The Bridges/Puentes project is a two-year collaboration between the companies, an effort to address directly issues of immigration, fear and overcoming isolation. After performing the works in their initial stages in 2017 in Mexico in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, and at the Festival Internacional de Chihuahua, the two companies now bring the finished pieces to the United States for this special joint performance.

“We feel a need for artists to address the turbulent times we are living in, and to try to find the commonalities between our communities, even across national boundaries,” says Diego Salterini, Co-Artistic Director of Dance NOW! and himself an immigrant from Italy. “Creating a ‘transit of artistry’ between our two countries, that today seem divided by real and political walls, is the most exciting thing about this project,” says Jasmany Hernández, Director of Mexico City Ballet/ Compañia de Danza Clásica Quintana Roo, who trained and performed in Cuba before he escaped and began his career in Mexico.

Puentes NO Muros is choreographed by Yazmín Barragán, with an original score by José Víctor Gavilondo Peón. Bridges NOT Walls is choreographed by Saltirini and Dance NOW! Co-Artistic Director Hannah Baumgarten, with video art by the South Florida-based Francisco Javier Moraga Escalona, and a varied range of contemporary music. Both pieces will integrate dancers from each company together.

Age Appropriateness All ages, but serious themes.